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What we offer

Our Key Experience

Vital engravers staff compliments have combined 20 years experience in the engraving industry

Our Mission
what we offer

1.To build an international brand in the leading of corporate and individual identity<br /> statement through engraving & ornaments<br /> 2.Creating a working environment which enables our clients employees achieve their goals</p> <p>3. To be well known experts in engraving and providing quality products to different<br /> institutions at competitive prices<br /> 4. To earn reasonable return enableto invest in the future<br /> 5. To be preferred supplier of local import brands

Corporate Culture / Specialisation
1. We value clients demands through displaying anda delivering the experted and the respected

2. We build integrity that confirms self respect
3. Qualified reliable and progressive social approaches to business made in Africa
4. We axcel in the precision and efficient execution of planned activities